Suits – My Learning from a TV Series

I am sure most of the world would been hooked on to suits and once started watching it hasn’t been able to stop till they have reached the last episode…

Suits is not just a TV series but it has a deep meaning and learning for all of us in this world! 20 things I learnt are listed below:

  1. If you do something unethical, it’s always going to bite you in the future.
  2. Always have a Plan B, because Plan A more often than not goes wrong!
  3. Stand up for what is right
  4. Let go of Anchors
  5. When you want to convince someone of something they don’t want to be convinced about, give them something better.
  6. When posed with a difficult decision, remember there’s always a choice.There’s always a way. Sometimes, you need to try the unexpected angle.
  7. Keep your composure
  8. Take risks, else you will never know what you really want and what distance you are ready to go.
  9. Take control of and own your responsibilities
  10. Your real friends are those that stand by you, regardless of the odds against you
  11. Master the art of reading people
  12. Be confident, proactive and a delight to everyone out there
  13. always do your research.
  14. When you want to convince someone of something they don’t want to be convinced about, give them something better.
  15. Just go out there and act like you know what you’re doing.
  16. Study, learn non-stop and know your competition.
  17. Don’t waste time trying to explain the problem, fix it instead.
  18. Never ever have a relationship inside the office.
  19. Always be fact-oriented.
  20. Win or lose, loyalty trumps everything.

Everything we do, watch and experience has a learning!


Bad Dreams are Good Signs…..

Two nights ago, I had trouble sleeping early, so I watched stand up comedy on YouTube till I fell asleep around 3:00Am. An hour later I got up with a big jolt, it took me a minute to realized that I woke up because of a bad dream I had.

I tried remembering the dream after a few sips of water. In my dream I died in a car accident as we fell off a cliff while driving! I was a little shaken of course, then I started decoding this dream.

My dream decoded was, A car crash dream will often mirror a potentially life-altering event. Maybe you were recently passed over for a promotion, or perhaps your finances took a hit, putting your goal of buying a house out of reach. You could even be wrestling with the consequences of a breakup. Since I don’t know how to drive, riding on the passenger side could mean you’re taking a passive role in life. Whoever is in the driver’s seat(I am unable to remember who it was, though I wish I could :)) could be the person who’s currently calling the shots for you or the driver could indicate the area of your life that needs your attention. For example, if your spouse is driving, perhaps you feel like your relationship has determined your life’s direction.

Well after reading this, I didn’t feel so shaken as I was earlier. It was just reflection of what’s going on in my mind. The reason I say bad dreams are good, is when you decode you are able to put certain situations or certain incidents together that have occurred and are present in your sub-conscious mind which get highlighted and focused upon.

We’ve all had our share of nightmares. Hey, they’re just a natural part of life!


But sometimes a nightmare is actually more than just a nightmare. If you’re experiencing them frequently or severely (or frequently and severely), there could be something bigger at play. Here are a few signs your bad dreams could indicate something much, much more serious than a series of random mental images.

  • You’re going through withdrawal symptoms
  • You could be overindulging vices likes alcohol, drugs or smoke
  • You’re on the brink of a major life change
  • You’re Lactose Intolerant!(I am…..)
  • You’re not cut out for scary movies(actually that week I watched two ghost movies – Bhoot and Ateet)
  • You’re not getting enough sleep
  • You’re midnight snacking(Hmmmmm…..)
  • There might be a stressful event/incident in your life currently

In the end “The key to forcing yourself to wake up during a troubled dream is, in the first place, to realize that it is not real – that it is a dream: dreaming and recognizing the fact that you have identified areas that need ironing out in the real world!”



Is Life Unfair…..

Unless you’re winning, most of life will seem hideously unfair to you. The problem isn’t that life is unfair; it’s your broken idea of fairness.


In Mahabharata, Karna asks Lord Krishna – “My mother left me the moment I was born. Is it my fault I was born an illegitimate child? I did not get the education from Dhronacharya because I was considered not a Kshatriya. Parsuraam taught me but then gave me the curse to forget everything when he came to know I was Son of Kunthi belong to Kshatriya. A cow was accidentally hit by my arrow & its owner cursed me for no fault of mine. I was disgraced in Draupadi’s Swayamvar. Even Kunthi finally told me the truth only to save her other sons. Whatever I received was through Duryodhana’s charity.

So how am I wrong in taking his side ???”

**Lord Krishna replies, “Karna, I was born in a jail. Death was waiting for me even before my birth. The night I was born I was separated from my birth parents. From childhood, you grew up hearing the noise of swords, chariots, horses, bow, and arrows. I got only cow herd’s shed, dung, and multiple attempts on my life even before I could walk! No Army, No Education. I could hear people saying I am the reason for all their problems. When all of you were being appreciated for your valour by your teachers I had not even received any education. I joined Gurukula of Rishi Sandipani only at the age of 16! You are married to a girl of your choice. I didn’t get the girl I loved & rather ended up marrying those who wanted me or the ones I rescued from demons. I had to move my whole community from the banks of Yamuna to far off Sea shore to save them from Jarasandh. I was called a coward for running away!! If Duryodhana wins the war you will get a lot of credit. What do I get if Dharma-raja wins the war? Only the blame for the war and all related problems… Remember one thing, Karna. Everybody has Challenges in life to face.


But what is Right (Dharma) is known to your Mind (conscience). No matter how much unfairness we got, how many times we were Disgraced, how many times we Fall, what is important is how you REACTED at that time.

Life’s unfairness does not give you license to walk the wrong path…

Take a proper look at that person you fancy but didn’t fancy you back. That’s a complete person. A person with years of experience being someone completely different to you. A real person who interacts with hundreds or thousands of other people every year.

Our idea of fairness isn’t actually obtainable. It’s really just a cloak for wishful thinking.

Can you imagine how insane life would be if it actually was ‘fair’ to everyone? No-one could fancy anyone who wasn’t the love of their life, for fear of breaking a heart. Companies would only fail if everyone who worked for them was evil. Relationships would only end when both partners died simultaneously. Raindrops would only fall on bad people.

Most of us get so hung up on how we think the world should work that we can’t see how it does. But facing that reality might just be the key to unlocking your understanding of the world, and with it, all of your potential.

Always remember, Life may be tough at few points, but DESTINY is not created by the SHOES we wear but by the STEPS we take…