Why is she what she is………

Today I am writing this blog, as I am inspired by an interview I watched of Jayalalitha with Simi Garewal. Link : Rendezvous with Jayalalithaa

Jayalalithaa, women of steel, as the world knows her. But if you watch the link below of the interview you will realise, that circumstances in her life made her what she was. The part which touched me the most was when she narrated her story of days she spent in jail. She was kept in the Madras Central Prison, which was the most unhygenic, and dirtiest place of all prisons imaginable. This place was a condemned building, which was a women’s prison but was declared unsafe and hence the prisoners were moved to a different place, was reopened in her honour(sarcastically stated by her). It was like a dark dungeon from english horror movies, which had not been swept or cleaned, had cobwebs everywhere, fungus growing everywhere, rats and bandicoots running around, a place perfect for someone to run a Zoology class. She was kept in a cell without an inch of even space on the floor. She stayed there for a month, but that’s what made her steel. She readily took everything that came her way with fortitude and didn’t allow anyone break her spirit. She of course then came out of jail and was the only Lioness who could stand against the powerful Karunanidhi in those times.

I know a lot of women, who are what they are because of circumstances. I myself was very naive, trusted people easily and very gullible but personal situations which I keep to myself most often are the ones that have made me this strong independent woman today and am proud of where I am today.

Its extremely easy to survive in this society when you are someone’s daughter or someone’s wife, but when you are single, independent and enjoy life to the fullest being a woman is when you need to think through why is she what she is……..