Coimbatore – Out of my comfort zone experience!

It was one Monday morning that my boss called me to her cabin and said we have an opportunity for you to move to Coimbatore and be a lead in the work that I do. I thought about it, spoke with my family and Voila; the next thing I knew that I relocated to a Tier 2 city, totally unaware of what it had in store for me. This has probably been my first “out of my comfort zone” moment.

The year and a half I have spent in Coimbatore has been one of the most enlightening moments of my life. I learned so many important lessons that I wish to share with everyone.

1. Getting out of your comfort zone: Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be a little scary, but this is exactly where you grow the most as a person. Coimbatore has taught me to seek new things and learn more about the world we live in. Traveling around a city that’s as busy and chaotic as Coimbatore is a little scary, especially when you only know two words and something as simple as buying daily needs can be a bit difficult.  Yet I embraced this challenge, and by the end of my stay I have learnt how to better communicate with locals and I even knew how to get around the city with ease.

2. Appreciate Cultures: India is probably the only country that has different customs and traditions meant that I was going to see and learn about things that I’m very unfamiliar with. I was excited to see what the Coimbatorean culture was all about, I wanted to take it all in and learn as much as I could. It taught me to appreciate other cultures, and if you get the chance to participate in someone else’s holiday traditions, do it! You will be surprised how much you will learn from these types of experiences.

3. Make friends: Some of my favorite moments in Coimbatore was hanging out with my friends in a our apartments, talking about our day and enjoying a drink or two. These friends I made would have never been my friends of I were in a metropolitan city like Hyderabad. We are totally different yet get along so well.

4. Being humble: Their acts acts of kindness taught me more than they know, & those conversations we had about our different ways of life really opened my eyes. People are humble, true to their culture.

Last but not the least, The most important lesson I learned is that we are all one people. Yes, some might dress differently, speak a different language or have different beliefs… but if you look pass that then you will see that we are all really similar.

Coimbatore left a huge impression on me; I was in love with everything that I experienced and learned in this beautiful city. With so much history and such a unique culture, it was really hard not to fall in love with Coimbatore. I hope that I can return to Coimbatore one day but as of now signing off only to explore another such “a way more out of my comfort zone” city!

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