Ithaa – A World Class Experience!

I recently went on vacation to the Maldives and many unique adventures and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Here, today I am writing one of the most unique and interesting experiences of a lifetime.

I am a food lover and explorer. One agenda on my vacation was to try all kinds of dishes at the resort and make this trip a gastronomical affair too.

My rendezvous with food started at this restaurant named Ithaa – meaning “Mother of Pearls” in the local language, Dhivehi. This tiny restaurant is a unique concept, where you dine 5 miles below sea level surrounded by Coral reef and colorful fish myriads, which is fully transparent.


The restaurant designed in New Zealand and constructed in Singapore, using materials from the USA and was shipped to theĀ  Maldives as a completed structure which weighs 175 tonnes. .The fact that the entire restaurant is made of plexiglass makes it unique.

The novelty setting is undeniably Ithaa’s main draw, but the food is also excellent complimenting the entire set-up making it a spectacular experience for any diner.

The cuisine offers a true delight and features a distinctive menu showcasing local spices and produce, blended with Western influences, presented in a four-course lunch menu featuring light fare.

Our lunch started with delicious lobster poached in butter served with a peach salad, followed by a veloute which was to die for. Our main course was a chicken sous vide served with risotto which was cooked to perfection. Our meal ended with the most spectacular pumpkin cheesecake which was just perfect.


All in all, the ambiance and the food make this a wonderfully unique experience!