My Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list and so do I…… Here’s mine……

  1. The Sound of Music Tour at Salzburg: One of the most iconic camerawork, catchy musical score and great performances by the cast has kept me glued to this movie and one of my all-time faves. While Salzburg may remain the home to Mozart and all things Baroque, my intentions of visiting Salzburg is Sound of Music. I want to see my favourite things from the movie as I snap a selfie at Mirabell Gardens and the Pegasus Fountain where Maria danced with the children, see the lake where the unforgettable boating scene took place, or sneak a kiss with my special someone at the “16 going on 17” gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace. Make a Pit Stop at Nonnberg Convent where Maria lived as a young nun and the wedding setting of Mondsee Church. I wish I am invited to sing along with an enthusiastic guide as I enjoy this tour which not only highlights movie locations and sites but also introduces the historical and architectural gems of Salzburg and pretty views of the Lake District.
  1. New year’s eve at Sydney Opera House: There is no better way to ring in the new year; night beneath the stars, under the sails of the Sydney Opera house with the best view of the Harbour Bridge and the famous fireworks.
  2. Northern Lights at Ireland: The night sky suddenly lit up by a mysterious, colorful wondrous glow that swirls and twists like a heavenly lava lamp. Elusive and Ethreal, one of nature’s greatest displays.
  3. Galapagos Islands: Abundant unfearful wildlife; this is the place to be! The only place, where you will find a penguin breeding in a tropical weather, an iguana that can swim, the only island to host the red-footed booby and a place where the centipede is the most feared animal on the island. It’s unique and another natural wonder.
  4. Kyoto: Temples, gardens and the Cherry Blossom: A red-lipped Kimono-clad geisha, riverside cherry trees bursting into cloudlike bloom, Zen gardens with raked sand and rock formations. Kyoto also surprises with its quiet temples, colorful shrines, and sublime gardens. Of Course, while I go there, I would definitely not want to miss the bullet train ride, their refined cuisine called kaiseki and the Tea ceremony.

And I conclude with the quote “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”