Embracing the Inner Child – My tryst with the snow!

It was January, I was in Delhi where it was freezing cold and was enjoying it, surprisingly. But I wanted more, I saw many people posting pictures about vacations each one as taking and playing in the snow, and I wanted the same.

One day I was casually chatting with a friend(will name him XXX), who mentioned that he too wanted to visit a location where it was snowing, and this conversation led to my vacation to Shimla after a lot of deliberation of where we should go!

Finally, the day arrived and we were extremely excited as it was the break we needed after our hectic schedules at work. I had just completed a hiring drive at Yamunanagar, hitched a lift to a point en-route to Chandigarh, where I joined XXX and started the trip. It was an amazing evening, a slow drive to our destination and just conversation.  Upon reaching the hotel, we checked in and called it a night in our respective rooms. Two days were perfect but I would jump straight to the day that brought out my inner child.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, with the sun shining, but I wanted to play in the snow. We headed out straight to a place named Kufri which was an hour’s drive from Shimla.

On the way, we stopped at a point which had a view of the beautiful coniferous trees and snow on some branches. The view was like a scenery straight out of a beautiful painting and the picture below definitely depicts that.


As we moved on, the sparkling white snow was on all sides of the road and the excitement started kicking in. We finally reached our destination and guess what there no parking, but the locals had a solution to it as well! Watch the video attached to how they made space for out little Wagon R to fit in!

I don’t know about XXX, but I jumped out of the car ready to hit the hills and play in the snow. Before I could hit the ground and start throwing snow all over myself and XXX, there was a series of things we had to do, which actually turned out useful. Finally, we put on our snowsuits and boots and head off to mount our horses. It was an extremely scary experience because the horse was walking on the edge and I was worried that it will lose balance and we will stumble down the valley and succumb. But thankfully I reached my destination!

I was experiencing snow after almost 25 years of my life, it was thrilling. It started with us eating hot Maggi, yes Maggi on the top of the hill in the cold winters and it was absolutely yummy. Then, of course, we head off to play in the snow, threw snowballs at each other, and took the craziest pictures and last but not the least brought the inner child in us. We slide down a hill and played like children. We left all the stress, adult attitudes and lived the moment. I don’t know who was there and what they were doing because we were so engrossed in having our fun and cared two hoots about what others thought!

Thank you, XXX for taking me there and bringing out the inner child in me.


Well I would like to conclude with a quote by Phil Barlow

“Young Children have the natural ability to express themselves and not worry too much about what others think. They aren’t tainted by the pressures that develop as they begin to deal with peer pressure and develop a fear of failure. So consequently, they have the tendency to be themselves, and feel good about it.”