When you feel like Betty Cooper……

I don’t know how many of you read the Archie comics as kids, but I always did and still enjoy reading them. My favorite character has always been Betty Cooper…..

Betty Cooper perfect in every sense… She is a great person, good at everything, be it sports, cooking or fashion. She nails everything perfectly and obviously, the outside world thinks that her life is so perfect….. but was her life so perfect… No, it was not. She had everything except Archie Andrews who meant the world to her….. He was her world but she was just a part of his world…. they were best friends but her role in his life was just about that which was probably just a small part of his world. Why…. she did everything right for him…. but that’s how it is and will be… certain things in life cannot be changed and the best way to move on is accepting what is front of you instead of fighting and going against the tide because that only leads to more distress and depression is what I believe.

So when you feel like Betty Cooper remember the points listed below:

  1. Not everything happens or works the way you want it…. don’t get distressed but accept it and move on.
  2. Be strong!
  3. Enjoy what you like to do and do it no matter what!
  4. Be down to earth and humble.
  5. Have a good-natured positive personality.
  6. Aim to be perfect in what you like to do.
  7. Be nice to everyone around you even if the day is not treating you nicely.
  8. Don’t Be selfish.
  9. Don’t Judge anyone.
  10. Last but not least…… Live life to the fullest!

These are my takeaways from the character of the cliched Archie Comics!

I enjoyed writing this blog, I hope you enjoy reading it and take in the positivity Betty Cooper brings to life!