Reminiscing my 1st Goan rendezvous!

What do we do when we need a holiday and a three-day long weekend is coming up…. Head to Gooooaaaa…. I don’t know about you but I do this very thing whenever I get the opportunity!

Today I am gonna pen down my first trip to Goa and the funny incidents I remember on that trip….  More so because a friend of mine thought that I wrote so well in my first blog…. That my next should be about our first trip to Goa… Nihal this is for you and I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

My first trip to Goa was in 2006…. when I had this crazy bunch of friends out of which two still remain to be my closest buddies…. And my little sister who was then in college and alcohol was a complete No no… We were all so excited… It had many firsts… Was our first to Goa, our first road trip and my first outside of Hyderabad with my friends on a holiday!!


Well, it all started off extremely well, all excited, decided not to sleep the entire night…. The road trip started on an exciting note, with good music, cheer and lots of laughter… It continued till we made a pit stop for tea in the morning and realized we still have a long way to go and we may end up losing a day with the pace at which the driver was driving!! We urged the driver to drive at a decent pace else we would not reach on time… well that didn’t happen until Amit Tripathi, the macho man of the group flexed his muscles and sat in the front seat with the driver… somehow at that moment we reached the most famous Baga beach! That evening we started off with peach vodka shots which tasted like cough syrup… but all pretended it was the best and enjoyed our moment…… The evening passed and we had fun visiting the beach, checking out the pubs and clubs and more importantly spending some good time together with a lot of laughter and cheer. 

The next day all the boys hired 4 bikes, 2 Bullets, 1 Pulsar, and an avenger to be precise and were all set to hit the Goa, well we just hit the street and we had our first experience of a gang fight between some local Goans and us … all because someone in the group does not like dry color thrown on him in a carnival cheer… well was sorted out and we moved on to various beautiful beaches, churches, and forts. I had a friend named Stalin… who decided to show us Fort Aguada… which we gladly visited, only to realise after a couple of days that it was not Aguada but Fort Shapiro that we had seen… Actually it was our fault… we kept saying we want to visit the place where “Dil Chahta Hai” was shot… and he did exactly that. Well, our rendezvous with Stalin ended there but our evening only became more interesting…. Our next stop was at the Casino… well it was precisely just a stop…. we entered the casino… saw the game tables and walked out… Ya, we did exactly that.. no play at all!! :-). Last but the not the least we all decided to race back to our hotel on the four bikes, very confidently, my sister was with Nihal on the bike who is known for being a safe driver and rider…. except for the moment where he thought he dropped her off the bike when we all jumped on a bridge… and was scared to face me(though this moment lasted only 5 minutes as he finally decided to check if she was still on the bike or off the bike) and luckily for him she was still on the bike!! In fact, even today when I pass the bridge and go over the bump… I think of Nihal and relate the entire story to whoever is next to me… 

It was our last day at the beach and the day for all the water sports, lazing in the sun, playing in the water and taking in the best of Goa….. We enjoyed every moment of this trip… though it was not perfect. 

This Goan trip takes us back to lots of memories, cheer and laughter… to an extent that I don’t miss visiting Goa once a year and experience Goa differently every time…. with varied company and adventures. This trip definitely made its mark…

I look forward to my next trip to Goa and you can look forward to my next Blog in Singapore!!