My Unique experiences at Bangkok!

This is the first blog that I will be publishing, hence I thought the best thing to do is publish something I love doing as a person…. which is traveling. In the last six months, I have traveled to two international locations and at least 10 Indian locations for holidays and work. All locations were unique in their own ways, which only reminds me of the saying – everything is the same and yet everything is different!!

Today I am writing about my travel to Bangkok, not about what I did there, but what made this trip unique and a whole different experience for me!

DSC_0005.JPGMy day started with a journey to the Damnoen Sanuk Floating market. My friend and I sat in this flatboat and head off to the market through the canals, passing houses on stilts temples and waving people, to only reach a place that was totally chaotic, filled with small “Klongs” (boats),as they call it with shops on each side selling various trinkets, souvenirs, Mango with sticky rice… and a couple of unique fans and hats and the best was we were stuck in a Klongs Traffic jam…. to me this was unique. Pallavi and I enjoyed this thoroughly… let our hair down and enjoyed the moment.

My next destination that day was heading to the Tiger Temple where I got to meet the Tigers up, close and personal… I love animals and I was looking forward to this place. I have heard rumors about the tigers being drugged… etc but I wanted to put all that behind and visit them anyway. I did not regret that decision.

This place located in the Kanchanaburi province of Thailand was heavenly. We entered the place, and there were the Tigers, sitting in an enclosure, where we could walk in and take pictures with, which excited both of us. Being our first interaction up close with a real tiger, we were initially a little apprehensive but quickly realized how similar they were to domestic cats (just with bigger teeth and claws). The Tigers showed no aggression and were actually very friendly.  They seemed pretty docile and content just lying there. We took lovely pictures and moved on to meet the other animals there… Walked around a bit and headed back to Bangkok satisfied with our unique day!



Last but the not the least, the most unique experience of that trip and maybe life was the Calypso Cabaret – Lady Boys Concert!!!


It started with a unique cultural Thai experience which showcased the traditional Thai dances and food which is yummy. After dinner, is when we headed to the Caberet by the Katoeys!!

It was like a Broadway show featuring the most talented Thai transgender artists! I enjoyed the show thoroughly… to me, it didn’t matter that they were unlike many of us but the talent they had to showcase something so professional, so beautiful and so unique. The presentation of these outstanding performers is a show of strength of mind, celebrating the human diversity, communicating the spirit of tolerance and most of all the roller coaster joy of a live stage filled with music, dance and beauty featuring Elvis, Julie Andrews and Beyonce look alike!

All I can say is was UNIQUE!

This led me to think differently…have a new perspective towards life…. taught me there are a lot of unique things in this world and what I need to do is open my mind and explore the world…. everything is the same and yet everything is different!!